Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Fox News smear machine

From Undercover Black Man:

When this blog was created, we thought the most troubling aspect of the current political season was Hillary Clinton’s “kitchen-sink” strategy against Barack Obama.

What a difference a week makes.

Ever since the Jeremiah Wright controversy flared up, Team Hillary has been on its best behavior... while right-wing talk radio, conservative bloggers and Fox News have gone at Sen. Obama like sharks breaking a fast.

Sean Hannity in particular seems determined to destroy Obama through the time-tested tactic of guilt-by-association. Tonight Hannity showed a video clip of Chicago preacher and Illinois State Senator James T. Meeks angrily uttering the phrase “house niggers” from the pulpit... in 2006.

Because Meeks has endorsed Obama for president, Hannity is trying to spin this into a new phase of the Jeremiah Wright story. (“Barack Obama Linked to New Controversial Preacher.”)

It would behoove us all to keep an eye on the Fox News smear machine. The following video by Robert Greenwald is a useful guide:


dburt said...

Thanks for the contribution Undercover and you are correct, the conservatives are looking at this strategically and this Wright story for them is tantamount to sharks on a feeding frenzy. Why not indict the Black Church in its entirety? Wright's church is not unlike MANY African-American churches but no one wants to tackle that issue. As a conservative, I also have to look at how pro-Hillary Democrats are looking at this...EVERYONE is exploiting this story to damage the campaign. But one conservative gets it....check out a recent clip of Gov. Mike Huckabee on the Obama controversy:

fishesalot said...

These talking heads and pundits wouldn't know a good man if he pulled them out of a great white's mouth. It's all par for the course considering the nature of the element spewing this venom.

Stay the course UMB.