Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The American Presidential Campaign Much Ado About Nothing

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, or in this case that woman behind the curtain, or the man behind the woman behind the curtain, or the shadow government behind the government, it’s a slight of hand.

It’s my humble opinion that politicians are liken unto a horny man who will say anything or do anything to get laid once he’s satisfied, well.

The American people have not elected a president in eight years.
“We the people” wanted Al Gore, but he lacked the courage to fight for what was rightfully his, not wanting to go the way of Benazir Bhutto and many others who would rather die as warriors than to live as cowards.

If Obama becomes the president he will not be the first Black president as the ignorant believe or regardless of that title given to him by Toni Morrison. John Hanson was the first Black president of the United States he was one of seven moors who were president their symbol was the cherry tree and George cut it down, but that’s another article.

The question is, Are Americans in for another sucker punch despite “vote or die”? With voting fraud proven, “diebold hack-ability”, black box voting machines (Read Allen Raymond’s How To Rig an Election) and Bush’s right to remain in office as long as we are at war, somewhat liken unto Roman rulers declaring himself emperor, but don’t expect the senate or the congress to put a stop to him.

So we fiddle as American burns, justifying murdering over a million in Iraq, her present extreme foreclosure rates, her boarding recession, her declining dollar, her high unemployment and crime, her abusive klu klux klan police force, her John Q. Esquire racism, her nearly 47 million without health insurance, her homeless and despicable cases of hungry children, her racist injustice system and environmental racism pollution system and non-educational public system, her Russians are coming Russians are coming to, the terrorist are coming, (Iraq) the terrorist are coming (Iran) to the aliens are coming, her Skull-n-Bones dictatorship which continues no matter what puppet is in office controlled by the puppet masters.

“Man doesn’t want to be free because he’s weak and corrupt.” (A quote from The Smoking Man of The X-Files.) Politicians can always pull a house Negro out they back pocket T. D. Jakes in Katrina, see we like Black people, despite what Kanye said, now house Negro Bob Johnson, Charlie Rangle, John Lewis and all the rest who the scripture says “fornicating with the beast”.

It’s sad that Black people especially, continue to embrace what the Caucasians have given them from politics to religion they are tricky dicks who plan to stick it to you in the end with The King Alfred Plan Rex-84 The Extermination of Black Americans.

Bobby Hewitt , check him out on You-Tube says that white people are more spiritual than Black people. They showed that race is a non-issue, when they voted their conviction in Iowa. They proved that they want “change”.

The David Ike, Dick Gregory, Louis Farrakhan and Fox Mulders of our time believe differently from the masses. They wouldn’t march off blindly into invasion from the word of politicians. Dr. Bill Deagle check him out on google video says they are in Iraq and will go into Iran seeking a portal (remember these are ancient Biblical lands) that will give them advanced technological means and alien communications.

The Mother Ship has been sighted more often lately around our dying planet, most recently in Texas. If you are not among the 14% of Americans who have seen a UFO or believe in them, check out The Disclosure Project on line. If I see her I’ll be about opening hailing frequencies in order to flag her down to bring my prophetic dream vision into reality, boarding her and hoping that her birth is a place the Staple Singers sing about where there’s no economical exploitation and no political domination.
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